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    Morgan & Pope Solicitors was formed on 1st October 2011 when 208 years' worth of experience were combined following the merge of Stephen Morgan & Co and Popes Solicitors (previously J. & S. P. Pope).

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The High Court has ruled that her claim can be considered even though Vince argued she was too late.

It seems that spouses can bring claims against each other without any time bar (unlike other claims which are subject to strict limitation periods).

There is surely a question about the fairness of this and an even sharper reminder to spouses to deal with financial matters when they divorce.

Of course every case is different and it does not mean there will be a sudden rush to re-open old claims.

Also the court’s decision merely allows Miss Wyatt to bring her claim. Whether she will actually leave the court with a substantial award or empty handed remains to be seen.

However the advice for spouses when they divorce must be if in doubt sort it out. A financial Order is essential in every divorce, whether made by the Court or agreed between the parites by way of a consent Order. Don't simply do nothing!

If you're worried about the cost of sorting out financial matters on divorce, don't be. We offer fixed fees in most cases so that you have certainty about cost now and also certainty about your financial future.