• What do we do?

    From our City centre offices in Exeter, our expert Solicitors offer specialist legal advice to both the business and non-business client.

    Clearly our main purpose is to provide sound legal advice. However, as well as the legal aspects of a case, we will also take time to consider other non-legal matters which may be just as important. It is because you are put in direct contact with a Solicitor, who will see your case through from beginning to end and becuase we use plain English when speaking with you, that you can be confident that you are in control of things.

    So, no stuffy lawyers, no legal jargon, one main point of contact and a relaxed and informal atmosphere with a fabulous view of Exeter Cathedral. What are you waiting for? Choose Morgan & Pope for a comprehensive approach and advice you can rely upon.



  • Who are we

    Morgan & Pope Solicitors was formed on 1st October 2011 when 208 years' worth of experience were combined following the merge of Stephen Morgan & Co and Popes Solicitors (previously J. & S. P. Pope).

    We are a medium sized law firm based in Cathedral Yard, Exeter and you can expect to receive, as standard, exceptionally high quality legal services at a price you can afford. However, it is our friendly, non-stuffy approach to the law that sets us apart from the rest of the lawyers in Exeter and makes us a must when deciding who to instruct to deal with your everyday legal needs.


  • Why choose us?

    Our clients choose us because:

    • We provide sensible and comprehensive advice
    • We are friendly and approachable
    • We are efficient
    • We really do care



In fact, the court is now obliged to consider whether Alternative Dispute Resolution ought to be utilised at each stage of the court process.

Similarly, solicitors are also under a duty to advise clients of the requirement to follow the protocol and explore the scope for a mediated outcome. Failure to do so could lead to the proceedings being stayed and can constitute ‘conduct’ for Costs Orders. This means that even if you are successful in your claim, if you were to unreasonably refuse to enter settlement discussions and/or mediation, you may not be successful in obtaining an Order for costs against the defendant!


The effective use of mediation is not, however, confined to family matters, as the inherently flexible approach required for successful mediation can be applied to an array of everyday disputes including:

  • Boundary disputes;
  • Parking;
  • Anti-social behaviour;
  • A variety of civil matters including: building and debt disputes etc.

Although not appropriate in all cases, the many benefits of mediation can be summarised using the following headings, many of which provide a stark contrast to the traditional litigation route: 

  • Speed;
  • Cost;
  • Impartiality;
  • Flexibility;
  • Conducted within a safe and informal setting;
  • Ability to conveniently schedule proceedings.