How to appeal a school admissions decision

If your child has not been admitted to their first choice of Pimary School what can you do?  Well, it may be possible to launch and appeal against the decision. However, you only have fourteen days from the date of the decision to make such an appeal. In order to increase your chances of launching a successful appeal, consideration should be given to the following: The reasonableness of the Admissions Policy Whether the Admissions Policy has been applied properly Which Admissions...

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It is an inevitable that as a business, you will sometimes get the odd customer that does not pay. Here are 10 top tips to reduce those debtors.  1)      Know who your customer is Have a checklist or a form that new customers complete. Get as much information from them as possible e.g whether they are a sole trader, partnership. It is essential you know who you’re dealing with.  2)      Terms and conditions It is very advisable to have clear terms and conditions within...

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Prest v Petrodel

Unmasking the Veil of Deceit – Prest –v- Petrodel The highest Court in the land has ordered oil tycoon Mike Prest to transfer to his former wife, Yasmin Prest, properties held by companies owned and controlled by him as part of a £17.5m divorce award.  Michael Prest, founder of Nigerian energy company Petrodel Resources, separated from his wife after 15 years.  During the divorce he said that Petrodel’s assets did not belong to him but to a family trust and that he was in reality...

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Education Law – problems with schools.

Have you struggled to get your child into your preferred choice of school? Has he/she been unfairly excluded, or perhaps you have a dispute with your child’s school and don’t know where to begin? In an age where parents’ are keener than ever for their children to get ahead, competition for school places is tough. Education has become somewhat of a hot topic and is often at the centre of one controversy or another, whether it’s yet another change to the National Curriculum, attitudes...

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Changes to minimum wage

The Government has announced that from 1 October 2013 the minimum wage rates will be increased as follows: •For 21 year olds and over – £6.31 an hour •For 18 to 20 year olds – £5.03 an hour •For 16 and 17 year olds who are not apprentices – £3.72 an hour •For apprentices under the age of 19 or in their first year of their apprenticeship – £2.68 an hour Contact Kate Baker or Terry Chetwood for more details

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