Commercial Property

We deal in all kinds of commercial property transactions.

Generally a commercial property is one used for a business purpose, rather than as a home, though there can sometimes be an overlap with transactions classed as residential, e.g. the purchase of a residential property for letting out as a residence.

A commercial property may be one that is owner occupied or it may be one that has been acquired by an investor as an investment, either with an occupational lease in place or with a view to letting it out.

It may be bare land that has planning permission for development or that has development potential (either for residential or commercial purposes) that you are seeking to sell or acquire

We could go on………..

Our Commercial Property legal services:

We have the expertise to assist you in all commercial property transactions of which the following are examples:-

  • The buying and selling of both freehold and leasehold commercial properties, either with vacant possession or subject to an occupational lease or leases
  • The buying or selling of businesses. Generally such transactions involve a property from which the business is being run, though it need not do so.
  • Acting for landlords and tenants in connection with the grant/taking of leases – including advice on the terms agreed or to be agreed. Read our commercial lease top tips.
  • Advising on the termination or renewal of leases of commercial properties and putting relevant documentation in place
  • Acting in connection with the acquisition of commercial properties into pension funds
  • Buying and selling development land and following a purchase drawing up the paperwork for the individual sales off.
  • The grant or acquisition of easements for commercial property or development land.

Sometimes commercial property transactions involve other areas of law, for example employment law in relation to the employees working in a business that is being bought or sold. Our commercial property lawyers can, when need be, involve their colleagues working in other specialist areas so that you get the best advice on all elements of your transaction.

Please ring our commercial property team who will be able to assist you more fully.