Landlord and Tenant

Our specialist Solicitors offer advice to landlords, agents or tenants in all areas of landlord and tenant law. We can cater for all your needs including commercial and residential eviction, debt and rent recovery and guarantees.

We will not only help you solve your problems but try to protect you from things going wrong in the first place or happening again.

With over 35 years of experience, we have an excellent success rate

Residential Eviction

In residential tenancy eviction cases, we serve two notices at the same time:-

  1. Section 8 notice giving 14 days seeking possession for rent arrears, nuisance or breach of  tenancy terms.
  2. Section 21 notice is a two month notice ending the tenancy agreement and seeking possession


There are three Stages to Recovery in Possession

Stage 1 – Notices

We serve the tenant notice either under Section 8 and/or section 21 as the first stage of our eviction service.  Sometimes the tenants realise you mean business and leave but sometimes they don’t

 Fixed Fees – £90.00

Stage 2 – Court Proceedings and Hearing

To make the tenants leave we issue proceedings in the local County Court, arrange for service of the legal papers, advise you of the hearing date and attend Court to get a possession order.  Our fees include the Court Fees.  Having a possession order means the tenant must go but sometimes those that know system will remain and cause a nuisance.  If so………

 Fixed Fee – £550.00

Stage 3 – Bailiff Instruction

Those tenants who are obstructive and who may have been told the housing authority to stay in the property until the bailiff turns up will wait until the last moment.  In these cases we will arrange for the Court bailiffs to remove the tenant and to obtain possession.  We can help with arranging locksmiths to change the locks and for the police to attend in severer cases.

 Fixed Fee – £175.00


Commercial Evictions

Today’s commercial market means that to secure payment, landlords must act quickly.  Escalated arrears of rent make it harder for you to collect arrears and reduces the risk of the tenant doing a runner without paying.

Commercial landlords have many more remedies and the sooner you act, the better your chances.

Because the law relating to commercial landlord and tenant issues is more complex, you need to contact to enable us to tailor a fixed fee for your particular case.